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Grim dating up North?

Ask me anything   20-something lady from North West of England, servicing the men of Manchester and Liverpool with my dating antics....

    3. in which i am nervous.

    Going on a date with K tomorrow. Nervous. Very nervous. He seems very nice and polite and, normal? And shaggy haired and tall. And wears shirts. Exactly my type!

    Because it’s my first experience of this sort of thing I really don’t think I can handle a rejection. I’m not naive and I know that this online business is going to be pretty cut throat but I know my own mind; if this doesn’t go well I’ll just put it down to a failure and will probably give up on it.

    So I’ve just dyed my hair, i’m wearing my favourite dress of the minute and bought a few ciders for me to chill with beforehand. I’m a lot more charming when I’ve had a few.

    I am meeting him at 1pm though, don’t know if it’s socially acceptable for me to drink beforehand. Oh well!

    Wish me luck guysss. 

    — 2 years ago
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    Ok, a no-frills account of my life. I’m a long-life singleton. I had a flurry of ‘boyfriends’ in high school, but in all honesty I only ever had them when I was 15/16 because they liked me, and everyone else had a boy to giggle over. I was never really that interested and just wanted to go the park and get bladdered and giddy with my mates.

    When I hit 17 I just wanted to have sex. I feel I had held out long enough waiting for ‘the right guy’ and so I picked one that I had been swooning over since I was around 13. He fucked me about anyway, so my efforts at making the right decision were a ‘waste of time’ in my 17-year-old brain.

    Now I’m in my early twenties and have been wanting a relationship since I hit around 20. I went straight to University after college, and no one wants a relationship in the first year of that do they…

    But, for whatever reason, maybe it’s my attitude change, maybe it’s just a weird age to be, but since I’ve started hankering for a partner, the offers and opportunities are pretty much none-existent.

    So, this blog is the beginning of my futile attempts to take some control over this situation and hopefully turn it into something productive. As a budding writer I need something to flex my creative muscles to regularly, and putting it public will ensure I do it. 

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