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Grim dating up North?

Ask me anything   20-something lady from North West of England, servicing the men of Manchester and Liverpool with my dating antics....


    Ok, a no-frills account of my life. I’m a long-life singleton. I had a flurry of ‘boyfriends’ in high school, but in all honesty I only ever had them when I was 15/16 because they liked me, and everyone else had a boy to giggle over. I was never really that interested and just wanted to go the park and get bladdered and giddy with my mates.

    When I hit 17 I just wanted to have sex. I feel I had held out long enough waiting for ‘the right guy’ and so I picked one that I had been swooning over since I was around 13. He fucked me about anyway, so my efforts at making the right decision were a ‘waste of time’ in my 17-year-old brain.

    Now I’m in my early twenties and have been wanting a relationship since I hit around 20. I went straight to University after college, and no one wants a relationship in the first year of that do they…

    But, for whatever reason, maybe it’s my attitude change, maybe it’s just a weird age to be, but since I’ve started hankering for a partner, the offers and opportunities are pretty much none-existent.

    So, this blog is the beginning of my futile attempts to take some control over this situation and hopefully turn it into something productive. As a budding writer I need something to flex my creative muscles to regularly, and putting it public will ensure I do it. 

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